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What is Eat Local Noosa?

Eat Local Noosa is a virtual marketplace connecting our Noosa community (and visitors) to all our fantastic local food & drink businesses who nourish our region.  If you are visiting Noosa then Eat Local Noosa is a great resource for you to ‘eat like a local’ and there is definitely something for every tastebud!

Who owns Eat Local Noosa?

Eat Local Noosa is an independent, industry-led initiative created by Michelle Mason (Social Tap), Deb Caruso (IN Noosa publishing) and Alesha Gooderham who are supported by a collection of industry groups including Tourism Noosa, Noosa Eat & Drink Festival, Food & Agriculture Network (FAN), Slow Food Noosa, Country Noosa and Noosa Council.

How much does it cost?

Nothing! Put your credit card away. Listing your business is free.

How do I register?

If you’re not registered, head over to the registration page:

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Can I still register if I’m not based in Noosa?

So long as you supply goods or services in the Noosa Shire, then we’d love to list you!

I sell things that fit in more than one category (i.e. seafood and ready-to-eat), what do I do?

Simply click the categories that relate to your service and then your business will appear in that category, for instance you do both dine in and takeaway, which is great.

Have I told you lately that I love you?

No. That’s kind of you. But let’s get to know each other a bit first.

Can I just carry on using the site without registering?

You can certainly use the website as a resource but if you are a business the only way to be included is by registering.

What if I change my business operations?

That is fine, simply wishing to update your categories or landing page is easy for us, just send the changes to us on contact us and we can take it from there.

Do you promote all businesses in Noosa?

Yes absolutely! All food and drink related businesses can be promoted on Eat Local Noosa.  This website has been created and delivered a team that is connected to the food and drink industry in varying and complimentary ways.  We recognised that customers needed a single resource to find all the great food and drink available in our region.

There are other great initiatives in progress to support broader retail services such as @buylocalnoosa and the Noosa Chamber of Commerce.

What else can I do to promote my business?

Stay active and update what you are offering on your own social media channels and follow Eat Local Noosa on Facebook and Instagram. Let’s work together to promote each other’s pages and share the #eatlocalnoosa love.

Where can I find out more?

Check out our Facebook and Instagram pages and follow and support the pages of our founding organisations.

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